Monday, 29 September 2014

Ecommerce Website Development in Trichy

Ecommerce is a online shopping platform on the internet. Today majority of customers have shops online as this enables one to reach one’s customers across geographical boundaries.Coimbatore Ecommerce also can enjoy the comfort of shopping sitting at home. You will find all major brands right from apparels, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, jewellery, groceries to even medium sized businesses, vegetable vendors selling their products at a click of the button.

Ecommerce Service Provider in Coimbatore

Thinking of opening a shop on internet? ecommerce website development in coimbatore will help you setup your online store. E-commerce solutions provided in Coimbatore by us offer a great shopping experience for the shoppers. Built a simple e-commerce site with only a few items to sell our talented resources can design solutions that help enhance the business of the clients. The enticing designs of our e-commerce solutions would increase the conversion rate and would also enable the client to manage his business with ease.

Best Ecommerce Service Provider in Coimbatore

Surely, there are no hard and fast shortcuts, universal features or design options those would guarantee that your Ecommerce Coimbatore will be elevated to the top of the popularity charts, but we promise to emphasis on the several.

E-Commerce Features:
  • Open Source
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Marketing Promotions and Tools
  • Order Management
  • Customer Service
  • Inventory Management
  • Fully 100% customizable design using templates or complete custom design
  • 100% Search Engine Friendly

Ecommerce Website Development in Coimbatore

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Coimbatore Ecommerce Website Designing

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Search Engine Optimzation in Coimbatore

Search Engine Optimization:

SEO (search engine optimization) should be the staple of any online marketing campaign. It is crucial for any organization, be it a sole trader or a multi-national corporation, to place themselves on the first page related search results. This is how the majority of your new customers will find you.

SEO team helps you in making sure your website appears higher in the related searches. Our SEO experts will work on improving your site’s keyword rankings and deliver excellent results by providing smart online marketing solutions to our client websites helping them empower their online marketing & branding strategies.

SEO Optimization in Coimbatore

Types of SEO Optimization:
Short On Page Optimization
Short Off Page Optimization

Short On Page SEO:

Onsite, the name itself tells you that this is all about what is on your site. Onsite Optimisation includes everything on your website from Meta tags, website content and keyword density to the name of your website and each of its pages.Our SEO team follows certain procedures in Onsite optimisation that ensure your site ranking is as high as possible.

  • Title
  • Keywords
  • Description
  • Sitemap xml and html
  • Robots.txt
  • Alt Tags
  • Canonical Tags
  • Heading Tags
  • Bold Tags
  • Deep link Analysis
  • Competitors Analysis 

SEO Services Company in Coimbatore

Short Off Page Technique:

Offsite SEO is all about how you promote yourself. There are various different strategies which can be implemented to help grow your links in a range of places like article directories, blogs and press releases. Our SEO experts who know just how to get the right balance of quality and quantity to optimise offsite and get you the results you need.We believe relevance is key when it comes to optimisation. Increasing traffic to a website is an easy enough task but to make that traffic into relevant and interested customers takes a little more finesse. So whether it’s higher search rankings you want or an increase in website traffic, we will design and implement a campaign that makes sure your viewers and visitors are from your target market.

Off Page Strategies:  
  • Directory Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Article Submission
  • Press Release
  • Video Submission
  • SMO
  • RSS Submission
  • Blog Submission
  • Blog Commenting
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Mocroblogging
  • Link Building
  • Classifieds
  • Forum Posting
  • Content Syndication
  • CSS submission
  • PPT submission
  • Document Sharing

Search Engine in Coimbatore

Social Media Optimization:

Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is a new approach to word-of-mouth marketing or Viral Marketing. To draw the attention of massive internet users, who remain logged in social networks for multiple parts of the day, towards your business. Not only will it assist in increasing the traffic and site rankings to your website but Social media marketing is also the best way to develop a more rewarding communication between seller and a buyer.

  • Facebook Promotion:
  • Twitter Promotion and Branding
  • Linkedin Promotion and Branding
  • Pinterest Promotion and Branding
  • Google Plus Promotion and Branding
  • Myspace Promotion and Branding
  • Foursquare Promotion and Branding
  • Tumblr Promotion and Branding
  • Dude Promotion and Branding
  • Stumbleupon Promotion and Branding
  • VK Promotion and Branding

SEO Services in Coimbatore

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Web Design Company in Coimbatore

Web design is an art to represent the image and identity of your business. Our web design coimbatore Company designs unique and very professional, Internet technologies have revolutionized the way enterprises run and manage their operations. At Vcom Infotech deliver the best technology while adhering to the highest industry standards in web design, web development and implementation. Through our innovative technology our clients have become more efficient and productive. Over the past three years, our dedicated team has produced solution. Our clients a distinct advantage, We deliver custom web application development, helpdesk & support, website design, and website maintenance. Having a trusted web department allows your business to achieve new heights.

At Vcom Infotech provide our clients with a greater level of confidence by creating highly functional and esthetic Web Development software in Coimbatore. The functionality and meaningfulness design, Vcom provides experience and insight to give your product the thoughtful expression that it should convey. Our company can work effectively with your engineering, technical and marketing staff to complete highly functional and esthetic design for all of our customers worldwide.
Web Solutions for Shopping in Coimbatore

  • Web design is an art to represent the image and identity of your business
  • Design brings the soul for your web component
  • Vcom Infotech gives you a high speed , W3C validated websites for your business
  • Proper maintenance of your web services makes your client adhere to your business
  • Best Designs are always prestigious

We understand customer impact and provide creative and effective web designing and web development. We will create appropriate images as per your content and keywords in the website. VCOM incorporate search engine optimization that helps in traffic to your site to bring good result in your business.

VCOM delivers website like,

  • E-Commerce Web Development
  • Business Web Development
  • Corporate Website
  • Flash Web Development
  • Government Websites
  • Entertainment Website
  • News and Information Websites
  • HTML Web Development
  • Flash Web Development
  • CMS Web Development
  • Online Shopping Carts
  • Portal Development

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Ecommerce Service Provider in Coimbatore
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